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The Book

Under the license of outside-the-box thinking, the writer has given believable practical alternative answers to most of Australia’s current challenges.

The overriding intention is to promote outside-the-box thinking, so provoking discussion and debate—indeed, any reaction that might facilitate our journey to the next level.

  • Beginning with the creation of a respectful republic; a new flag; a sensitive, inclusive constitution; and a renewed political system.
  • Addressing the taxation dilemma and offering universal fair retirement and healthcare.
  • Solving the energy, water, and climate change challenges and making a proud place for our First Nation people.
  • Advocating an Australia coming of age on the world stage, putting Australia first in the eyes of all.
  • Then encouraging universal outside the box thinking by touching on other fundamental often contentious issues.

Is this work a brave and wonderful revelation or just a dream? Only time will tell.


Outside the Box

Outside the Box